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MistressHumblerChastity Devices for male submissive's.

Over the ages many people have considered the practical design and methods of controlling male erections and orgasm.

Several good designs have come to my notice.

I have expanded these to suit the leather fetish BDSM community.

"Kali's Teeth" or "The Teeth of Kali "and "The Monks Chastity Ring "  is a simple but effective method of aversion therapy.

They work on the principle that if an erection occurs the wearer will feel pain.

But if you have masochistic tendency's it may be exactly what you are looking for.

Made from leather, but the original devices where much crueller and virtually impossible to remove.

In bye gone days the clothing worn would have covered the device up well, but today with tight jeans, suits and beach wear it would not be a practical solution.

The BDSM community has grown ten fold in the last twenty years and the interest in male orgasm denial has  become important again, so to fill this need for chastity and self control we have expanded our range to bring you more original and obscure designs in male chastity harnesses.

In the past Dr Kellogg of " Corn Flakes" fame was obsessed with designing the perfect male chastity device, but his best idea was to totally bind the penis in thick bandages and make his patients wear boxing gloves to bed at night.

It was because of his interest in anti masturbation and all things pure and good that today we have a full range of breakfast cereals, but back to the plot.

I recommend that you should consider exactly what you require from a male chastity harness, is it to stop a full erection or to totally cover the penis?.

Partial erection restriction is best achieved by the use of our Erection Chastity Harness as it is made short and tight and cannot be removed once an erection happens, this harness is lockable.

Leather seems to be the most effective material for use but hygiene is an important consideration,hence the emergance of steel and plastic devices.

The design of a male chastity device has several problems to overcome. Male chastity is more in the mind rather than a 100% reality, but StrictlyLeather.com will strive to bring you the very best in affordable extreme bondage gear and leather fetish male chastity devices.

Browse my male chastity and leather devices sections in in my store for a good selection of items.

Mistress Penny rev:Sept 2011


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