Company History

I am sure you would like to know a little more about who you are dealing with and how we operate our business.

Strictly Leather is a long established, leather fetish bondage equipment manufacturing workshop based in the North West of England.

How did we get started?

We originally made items for friends who where interested in the leather scene in the Manchester area, Lancashire.

As word of mouth passed around, more and more people asked us make something special for them. This grew in proportion, hence we started to attend and supply fetish clubs, small parties and groups.

Over 30 years experience!

In 1983 we branched out into mail order advertising in main stream fetish publications such as Skin Two, The Fetish Times, The Gay Times, etc.

We have been established for over 30 years, manufacturing good value, top quality, made to order products, for customers shipping worldwide, in small and large quantities.

With the advent of the internet we expanded to online direct sales to the end user, giving you the chance to join in the fascinating leather fetish scene at a fraction of the cost that retail shops would like to charge you.

Why are our leather bondage products better?

There are several thousand online"sex shop" type stores offering goods for sale in the BDSM fetish scene, but we have tried to be different and keep it purely fetish leather, discipline with no vibrators and general pornography.

Several sites such as eBay offer leather products sourced from Asia, mostly made from low quality cardboard style split leather, that will not last very long, also the sizing of these products is on the small side, cheaply made by people on a commercial scale in large factories who do not have any interests in the leather fetish or bondage scene.

As the actual manufacturer and supplier we can be more versatile and responsive to your needs.

If you state your preferred size we can make your purchase just for you and do slight alterations.

When you order a trade person selects the most suitable leather skin for your purchase and hand crafts the item for you. We do not mass produce anything and every item is inspected by Ms Penny before it is packed and sent.

Mistress Penny understands that you make a leap of faith when ordering from an online store, but please be assured your order is valued and will be made for you with care and attention.

We do not offer a contact telephone as we have found that abusive time wasters far out number genuine calls. We use a fast and responsive email system that is monitored at all times.

Emails are collected every 10 minutes and responded to by the relevant person.


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