Female Led Relationship

A Lifestyle Female Led Relationship.

In genuine female led relationship it is agreed by both parties in this case Male and Female) that the female has authority to control some or all aspects of the relationship, Including sexual matters and discipline for the male.

 The extent of how this happens will vary greatly from relationship to relationship and it is up to each couple to negotiate on how things or what happens.

 In fact this new situation need not be seen as different from what you see happening all around  in home life and at the work place.

 Lots of people know at least one couple where the female seems to be in charge of things on a day to day basis and in relation to the couple dynamic.

What sort of control are we thinking about? Well it can be anything ranging from very gentle right through to the extreme and total.

 It can be expressed in a sexual way ,in service related ways or it could limit the males sexual access to the female including a day to day lifestyle change.

It can be hard soft or extreme it’s up to the couple involved to find out what suits the situation lifestyle and desires of both parties.

 Its your own exploration and  you can really go your own way, and if it turns out that a certain situation is not for you both, you can always stop, discuss it and try something different or head in different direction.

 A serious Female Led Relationship does not mean being forced into oppressive roles.

A  woman does not suddenly need to start behaving like a dominatrix or a Mistress or a whip wielding fiend, but she could if she wanted it that way.

The male would assume the role of a submissive and serve and obey

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This is not some bizarre and unrealistic experiment that would never actually happen in real life.

 It’s every bit as authentic and tangible if you both want it to be.



A true strong relationship is a connection that goes beyond just sex and extends into many different corners of human life. Not every moment  you share in a relationship is sexual and your partner or potential partner is not just a sexual object, but a whole range of other things that make them what they are, a person to share experiences with.

 A Female Led Relationship  is not an excuse for laziness within the relationship. In fact, to make a relationship like this work you need to work constantly to build it to what you both need

 A serious female led relationship is one in which it is agreed and acknowledged by both people that the woman has authority to control some or all aspects of the relationship.

 Completely consensual or eventually this could progress into a none consensual severe regime that enslaves the male

 Consent is given by both people within the relationship in the first instance,

To give consent basically means that you give informed non-coerced permission that you are willing to participate. So this means that both people in the relationships KNOW what they are agreeing to, are NOT being pressured or forced into agreement and understand that they have the right to choose whether they will continue to participate in the relationship.

 Consent is a basic human right in all human relationships and the same rules apply for a FLR.

 What is the difference between a regular (called ‘vanilla’) relationship where the woman ‘wears the pants’ in the family and a FLR? Acknowledgement is the key. In an FLR, both partners acknowledge that the dynamic of the relationship is one where the woman is in charge.

 Without a formal, or even semi-informal, acknowledgement

 It is different for everyone

 There is no single recipe of how a FLR works. In some relationships the female’s control could relate to sexual activity, whilst in others there might be complete equality when it comes to sex,or even total chastity for the male.

 Some more extreme relationships could be based on the female having a much further reaching control. It could extend  to financial, domestic and social activities and even cuckolding her partner.

 The key here is that it is different for every relationship. It’s a matter of negotiation between the two people within the relationship.

 It doesn’t mean the female has to make  all the  decisions (unless she wants it that way) in her domestic life.

The male in a FLR typically works very hard to make sure that she doesn’t need to be constantly making un important decisions.

 On an emotional level the female does not need to feel that she is has to make all the decisions taking all the responsibility for the relationship.

 The rules and realities of a FLR  challenge  any the male to keep the relationship working and to continue it to be exciting for her and him.

 In providing this description of a FLR to you, I am not saying that all of the above will happen naturally or easily or will happen.

 In a FLR BDSM relationship the female would possibly want to be more demanding and use the male as her total none consensual slave.

 It could be then exclude the male from having access to her sexually if she wished.

 This is very common in reality and one of the more extreme paths that couples want to experiment with.

 Eventually leading to total celibacy for her male slave or limited climax relief or even cuckolding.

 A serious lifestyle change for any male.

 Male chastity does not bar the female from being satisfied sexually it just means the male partner does not get a climax ,he still can be instructed to do his duties, but the female may seek her entertainment elsewhere as that would be her eventual right.


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