My Favourite Paddle

My preferred paddle is the Knoppler paddle as it is just a perfect instrument of discipline, not to long, firm and has a really good smacking sound when used.

A perfect warm up paddle and ideal for close up spanking, use it on the bare bottom or thighs of your submissive.
This paddle is accurate and every stroke leaves a warm long lasting sting.

The Knoppler paddle has its roots in Europe but has now been widely adopted all over the world.

See my entry in Wikipedia "knoppler paddle"

I hang mine up in full view in my dungeon and nearly always start my session with my trusty Knoppler.

Another trusty friend is my "Hand Slapping Paddle" displayed proudly next to the Knoppler paddle.

Ideal again for close up bare bottom spanking but saving me the need to hurt my hands when chastising my sub's.

All of the paddles in my range are constructed in a durable thick leather that is thick enough to remain rigid when delivering the required stroke to the recipient's bare bottom.

My design incorporates an internal stiffener in the handle and well into the slapper, this stops "slap back " and bounce.

The paddles are made press cut and do not have a weak spot at the joint between the handle and slapper.

Paddles need to be maintained to keep them flexible and prevent cracking, (another task) for your Sub.

Leather should be lovingly cared for and cherished.

Best way to do this is to polish all of your equipment on a weekly basis, but if you have the help then daily.

Use a good quality wax based polish, apply,leave for ten Min's, polish of to a good shine Hang up to allow air circulation around your paddle, this will prevent the dreaded white mold from forming on the surface.

If you maintain your paddles and other BDSM leather equipment in this manner they will last you for years maturing into a prized collection.

Mistress Penny is the web Mistress of Strictly Leather.

Mistress Penny(Copyright) 2016


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