Male Chastity Penis Enclosure Device

Penis Chastity Cover
Price: £45.00

A fiendishly secure male chastity device.

This style of encasing the penis has proved popular both in the BDSM scene and for concerned females who wonder about their male partners fidelity, the dominant who thinks that control is required in regards to total chastity.

Full outfit with all parts that accommodate all sizes of males.

Ideal in or out of session.

STOP a full erection and deny a climax.

Set consists of polycarbonate penis cover, a set of anti pull rings in several Dia.

Padlock included with keys

This set is designed to totally encase the penis and restrict an erection.
Ideal for the smaller penis, Commonly found with most typical male slaves.

Special locking posts are supplied.

Clear hygienic polycarbonate construction.

Full instructions on how to use this item are included.


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