Leather Prison Punishment Flogger

Prison Flogger
Price: £65.00

Prison Flogger

This style disciplinarians punishment strap has been used frequently to thrash disobedient inmates in work camps ,asylums and prisons farms in Russia the U.S.A and Eastern European camps of Correction and Detention.

This pattern of hard punishment strap's has many uses in all strict spanking and punishment scenarios.The Strap Length is 22 inches approx I have found that if made longer it is a bit difficult to admister an accure stroke. A Round wooden handle, covered in a neoprene shinked cover 7"long approx 1/4" thick strap tail. Tail is 2 inches wide.

The tail is bonded and sewn down its entire length, but if you wish we can make the strap into a flapper style belt, that is the lower part of strap body is separate giving a loud slap noise on contact.

We shall send the fully bonded version on ordering if you do not not inform us otherwise


Made in England by Strictlyleather


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