Ultra Swishy Punishment Cane Set of Two

Swishy Rattan School Canes
MIstress With Cane by strictlyleather
Price: £20.00

A kinky set of ultra swishy crooked handle strict punishment canes.

Really effective in punishing any wayward male or female requiring a full bare bottom punishment,but can be used effectively on all who required a sharp reminder on their behaviour.

A must for discipline in the Victorian home,many a bare female bottom quivered at the sound of the loud "swish" as this implement of corporal punishment made its swift relentless journey to the miscreants waiting bare soft skin.

Long and bendy and accurate with practise.

Rattan Kooboo,sourced from Asia,Matured and selected for disciplinarian use all over the world.

Available in a set off two but can be ordered in other quantities to suit your requirements.

Random thickness approx 6 mm 8mm.

Length of each cane is approx 26 inches.

Each blank rattan cane is selected and formed exclusively in our workshop and finished to Mistress Penny's high standards.

Extensively tested on male and female subjects.
This exclusive set of canes is most effective.

Sent in a secure and discreet package either by airmail or by couriers from the UK world wide.


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